Haplogroup M89


This group appreared around 45,000 years ago. Although it would be assumed most non Africans were descendants of the original ” out of Africa” migration characterized by M130, almost ninety five percent can instead trace their lineage through the Middle East which is defined by the marker M89. This group arose in North Africa or the Middle East. The migration of grassland hunters through the inland is thought to be the connection. The Ice Age caused the fresh water lock up and the region was probably very dry causing the habitants to expand far beyond there present range. Evolving over many years, these people managed to thrive in such an environment, following familiar grasslands to the Middle East. Although many of them stayed, others continued to move.

The Anatolias and the Balkans carried a tiny fraction of the M89 after they struck out north. Few people actually took this route but traces can be found of this journey which involved trading grassland for unfamiliar forests and high country.

The grasslands that led through Iran to the steppe lands of Central Asia was the route chosen by most others. The habitat was filled with antelope, buffalo and woolly mammoths and most likely stretched from France to Korea at this time.  As the grassland hunters of M89 expanded both east and west, the Steppes were the perfect conduit for the peopling of the continent

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