Haplogroup M242


15,000 – 20,000 years ago the Ice Age reached its maximum and another marker, M242, appeared in humans who moved into the ice free regions of coastal eastern Siberia. Their decendants still dwell here.

Bitterly cold temperatures forced these humans to adapt and develop new ways to make shelters, clothing, sewing and tools, thus enabling them to survive the freezing temperatures. They survived by hunting large mammals and using techniques still found in today’s Arctic peoples.  M242 became the ancestor of most lineages in America around 15,000 years ago as they started to move into new worlds.

During this era a land mass called Beringia connected Siberia and Alaska. Beringia remained ice free and habitable and was eventually a route to the American settlement.  This is supported by archeological evidence which suggests that north American human settlement appears 15,00 years ago.

Somehow M242 must have skirted the ice sheets that covered Canada and although it is unclear exactly how, there is speculation that an ice free corridor existed adjacent to the Rocky mountains.