Haplogroup M173


This group first appeared 35,000 years ago and achieved the first large scale settlement in Europe by modern humans. This was a result migrant hunters on the Central Asian steppes moving to the west and east.

Coinciding with this is the appearance of modern art in the form of cave paintings like those in Lascaux and Chauvet. They are suggested to not be a result of improving artistic abilities but the arrival of peoples with an established skill.

The Neanderthals populated Europe until 28.000 years ago. Their M173 hominid neighbors began to diverge genetically with these Neanderthals some 500,000 years ago.  Human are not genetic descendants of Neanderthals, and there is no evidence of interbreeding between them and the human species.

Neanderthals are considered an evolutionary dead end and disappeared after the arrival of M173 descendants in Europe.  It is assumed that early humans were better hunters and had better resources which led to the demise of the hominids.

The advancement of the Ice Age led to further shape the journey of M173′s lineage through Europe. People began to take rufuge inSpain, Italy and the Balkans. As the Ice Age relented, people moved north west to northern France and the British Isles.

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