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Have you ever wondered about your deepest ancestral roots? Do you ever walk by people on the street who look nothing like you and wonder how we humans could possibly all be related to one another? Today, it is actually possible to get the answers. With the advent of DNA testing, we can all find out the geographic path our forbearers traveled, and we can be matched to people around theworld who share our specific genetic line – people, who are, in effect, our distant cousins and belong to our same “Haplogroup”. We can also find what our DNA means for our health – which traits and diseases we might each carry.

We have included here a brief description of each of the world’s major Haplogroups. This site also provides a glossary of genetic genealogy terms for those new to the subject.

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Every one of us is sitting on a branch of the mtDNA Tree. This tree has its roots in East Africa about 180,000 years ago. Small differences along the DNA…


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How do the changes in the mitochondrial NDA sequence relate to the… This is the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA sequence against which we compare all of the …


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DNA Ancestry is part of The Generations Network family of services, including Ancestry.com and launched on August 28, 2007. Ancestry.com is the recognized leader in providing resources to family historians to help extend pedigrees and understanding of ancestors. Genetic genealogy is a powerful new tool for family







DNA Research family history & genealogy message board. Hosted by Ancestry.com. Forums of community contributed messages helping members research the DNA …

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Explains how DNA research can aid in family tree research


Main developments in DNA testing relevant in family history research.


Sets forth an explanation of the Genographic Project to establish migration history of humans using DNA contributions from individuals around the world.


In the study of molecular evolution, a haplogroup is a group of similar haplotypes that share a common ancestor with a SNP mutation. Because a haplogroup…


Maps of the world showing the distribution of Y chromosome and the MTDNA haplogroups throughout the world, with references, by J. Douglas McDonald.


If haplogroups are the branches of the tree then the haplotypes represent.. Both mDNA and Y-DNA tests provide haplogroup information, but remember that…


If haplotypes are the branches of the tree then the haplotypes represent…Both mtDNAand Y-DNA tests provide haplogroup information, but remember that…

freepages.geneoalogy.rootsweb.com/~dgarvey/DNA /markers.html

Haplogroups are defined by patterns seen in the alleles of these slowly mutating SNP markers. Identification of your Y-chromosome haplogroup can provide an…


Haplogroups are defined by genetic mutations or “markers” found in Y…These markers link the members of a haplogroup back to the marker’s first…


Haplogroups are categorizations created to encapsulate branches in the human tree that occurred thousands, or tens of thousands of years ago….


All humans belong to a Haplogroup an ancestral clan whose markers permit geneticists to study how modern humans came to inhabit the world….


There is a large and ever growing body of literature on Haplogroups…. This table provides links to the Y-Haplogroup projects at FTDNA and to information…

www.kerchner.com/haplogroups- mtdna.htm

The following mtDNA Haplogroup Descriptions are from the FamilyTreeDNA.com website which was the testing company used to determine the nearest Haplogroup…


The topic of haplogroups is becoming an increasing source of interst with those that…


The next topic is, as you might expect, tracing roots along the maternal path. The main reason for taking this path is biological- the mitochondrial DNA…


Every one of us is sitting on a branch of the mtDNA tree. This tree has it’s roots in East Africa about 170,000 years ago. Small differences along the DNA…


The new science of the brain and DNA is rewriting the history of human origins…[03-07-01]: New Fossil, Skull May Alter Human, Family Tree…


Our Family tree. Humans are the only remaining descendants of a …DNA tells us about human origins. A geneticist uses a sequencing machine to work on the…


While it can’t provide you with your entire family tree or tell you who your ancestors are, DN testing can:. Determine if two people are related…


Genealogists are now using molecular genealogy – comparing and matching people by matrilineal DNA lineages – mDNA or patrilineal Y-chromosome ancestry and/or…